During a real estate purchase, the buyer must check many details in order to know what he is buying and protect himself from possible defects. But even if you are very careful, it is still possible to miss some unfortunate details that you do not realize until once the property is purchased. To avoid any disappointment and buy an apartment with confidence, it is possible to establish a checklist before buying an apartment. These lists include points to check at each stage of the purchase process.

Things to inspect before buying an apartment

Checks begin well before visiting an apartment. This includes checking the location of the property, the quality of the neighbourhood in which it is located, its surface, Tengah Garden EC price and the various fees and their rates, such as agency fees and notary fees.

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Once you have checked the location, surface, number of rooms and equipment that the accommodation has, you can start checking and inspecting the elements of this first checklist before buying an apartment. You can do this on your first visit to the accommodation.

  1. Security and tranquillity

This first visit is an opportunity to see if the neighbourhood is quiet and peaceful, if it is poorly frequented or if it represents a possible danger to you or your family members. You also get a glimpse of the ambient noises that reign during the day in the neighbourhood. Also, check the security of access points to the building or home, windows and balconies.

Check that the exposure of the accommodation is in accordance with the advertisement. A southern exposure is synonymous with warmth and beautiful natural light. You can equip yourself with a compass or, if the weather is nice, rely on the time and position of the sun. Also, check the existence of annoying or intrusive vis-à-vis with neighbouring dwellings.

It is necessary to check the integrity of the structure of the house, in particular its roof and its load-bearing walls. Even if you need to be a professional to detect hidden defects, it is possible to detect the most serious and glaring defects with simple checks. If a wall rings hollow, ask why and make sure there are no cracks or defects in the roof.

The floors are the part of the dwellings that are most often degraded and carry hidden defects. Check the floors meticulously, take the time to look into the nooks and crannies. Signs can alert you to poor condition of the floor, such as crackling, curling or unusual discoloration.

If you are buying an apartment in a building, visit all the common areas. Cellars, garbage rooms, parking, courtyard. These spaces are important because you will use them every day. Visiting them allows you to get an idea about the maintenance of the building, its cleanliness, the nature of the neighbourhood and safety. For virtual tour of Tengah Garden EC check this page.

Other things to check before buying an apartment

There is another checklist before buying an apartment that concerns less important details, but which have a definite impact on the quality of the accommodation. This list must be verified during the second visit or before the signing of the promise to sell. These are:

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